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11 days

Come and experience the pleasures of mountain biking as we take you on an exciting and wondrous journey through the scenic locales of Himachal Pradesh. On this adrenalin-pumping bike ride, you will enjoy some pure biking fun as we explore the mesmerizing terrains of Spiti Valley, ride along the beautiful River Chandra, pass through numerous quaint villages and make our way towards the breathtaking Kinnaur Valley

Hornbill Festival Tour
13 days

Arrive New Delhi International Airport by flight. Meet our representative at exit gate & get transferred to pre- booked Hotel. After wash & Change you will take for sightseeing of Delhi visiting guide

Rajasthan Motorbike Tour
15 days

Whether you are a biking enthusiast, an adventure-seeking roadie or a seasoned biker, here is a unique opportunity to indulge in some unadulterated biking fun.Join us on a ride of a lifetime as we take you through the unforgettable rustic expanse of Rajasthan – rightly known as the Land of Kings.

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In the vast nation which is home to a thriving population of India with diversified language & traditions, you can certainly expect everything larger than life and even more vivacious than anywhere. The high hills which breathtakingly provide a bird’s eye view, the carved valleys hiding hamlets, the extreme spots of thick foliage in the east to dry sandy deserts of the west, India has no two places which exuberate the same energy, making it one of the most diverse countries for a tour.

From the flower dotted gardens of Srinagar, adventurous roads of Leh-Ladakh, Himalayan scenes of Himachal Pradesh, serene backwaters of Kerala, pulsating cities of Rajasthan to marine and natural paradise of Andaman, a trip to India covers it all and more in its lands of ethereal allure and addicting bliss.

The India Tour Packages which you can indulge in accordance to your interests is enticing to everybody. As the nation provides a foreground for diverse experiences, you will not be let down by any tour package you choose to venture upon. Contact us to get trusted services by best tour operators in India for a memorable trip ever.

While you decide when to visit on India Tour, a good decision will be to book an india inbound tour package with us as we offer competitive prices, assured services and great travel experience in India. Our services bypass the norm of just travelling as we make them count as experiences for you and your fleet.

We have narrowed down beauty of India into some of the most exciting India Tour Packages which are categorized by states, activities, local excursions, mode of travel, and special tour packages which enhance your bandwidth of choice and selection.

Some of our other choices include:

Our leisure trips allow you to worry-free explore some of the best places in India like Rann Utsav (Fair) in Gujarat, Zanskar Road Trip in Kashmir, Hola Mohalla in Punjab, South India Temple Tour in Tamil Nadu & Kerala and many more which all fall in enticing Holiday Packages in India.

Our India Tour have also curated North East Tours which consist of Arunachal Pradesh-A Mountain journey, Orissa in The Sun Temple & The East Coast, Sikkim in Sikkim Road Trip, and more naturally packed tours.

The mostly unexplored region of the center of India comprising of Wildlife Tour, Golden Triangle with Jungle Safari, and Central India Tour Package which all bring out the hidden wild side of Madhya Pradesh. All in all, we have everything and more when it comes to giving a brief yet fantastic Holiday packages in India aptly suited to a traveler’s needs and wants.

India offers more to see than any other country in the world, including the mustard fields of Punjab, the snow-capped Himalayas, the backwaters of Kerala, and the sun-drenched beaches of the Andaman Islands. Take advantage of our North India Tour Packages to experience a cultural bliss. We offer theme-based holiday packages in India are for everyone seeking different interest- whether for a family vacation or a trip with best friends, include a wide variety of fascinating activities like as hiking, trekking, motorcycling tour, snorkelling, paragliding, and rafting. So, whether you wish to climb mountain peaks or plunge into the undersea realm for an adrenaline rush, our all-inclusive holiday packages cover major destinations and activities covered for you.

All that required is a visit to our well-designed tour packages, which has the great options to explore from best Indian destinations. Alternatively, one may contact our tour specialists, who are always available to help visitors in India to experience beautiful areas based on their interests. Contact India’s best travel agency to book your next trip in India and get most personalized and professional tour services.

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L’India e il suo popo¬lo va vissuto, non è ¬possibile descriverli¬. Non è un paese solo ¬da visitare e per no¬i non è semplicemente¬ un viaggio…è “un’i¬nsieme di emozioni” c¬he ti avvolgono il cu¬ore e ti fanno innamo¬rare ! È un paese che si t¬inge di colori brilla¬nti e si inebria di p¬rofumi per godere di ¬tutti i doni che la n¬atura gli ha fatto e ¬ inneggiare al più sa¬cro dei doni: la vita¬. È un’immersione nell¬a bellezza, dalle mil¬le sfaccettature, una¬ per ogni strada che ¬cambi o regione che v¬isiti! L’ottava meraviglia ¬del mondo non è il Ta¬j Mahal che eppure ti¬ toglie il fiato, ma ¬è il popolo Indiano, ¬sono le persone fanta¬stiche che ci abitano¬, che rendono unica ¬l’India. Sono loro ch¬e fanno la differenza¬. Sorrisi, disponibil-ità, abbracci e seren¬ità sempre: ti contag¬iano con la loro pace¬. Ti aprono le loro c¬ase, Grazie per BrahmaND TOUR e Rajesh!

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Christine Eve

Ringrazio Mr Rajesh per avere organizzato sempre con estrema precisione e professionalita i miei tour. L’ho conosciuto nel 2012, quando mi rivolsi a lui per il mio primo tour in India. Ormai da cinque anni organizza i miei trip sempre con la stessa professionalità e quando gli chiedo di occuparsi del mio viaggio so che il mio compito sarà solo quello di rilassarmi e godermi la vacanza, perché la sua organizzazione è attenta, accurata e perfetta e qualsiasi contrattempo dovesse verificarsi, so che sarà lui ad occuparsene. Bravissimo Rajesh e Brahmandtour.

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Christine Eve

Brahmand Tour organized quickly and perfectly a motorcycle trip for us with the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 through the rural Rajasthan. We slept in the desert and in the palaces of the Maharaja, visited famous temples, forts, imperial palaces and the Taj Mahal also. Rajesh and Sanjeev the tour operators, who speak Italian and French also, let us always cross different and spectacular landscapes: from the desert with the camels to the mountains rich in vegetation, passing through the cultivations of canola and sugar cane in the middle of the dams. They made us ride on dirt paths and back roads and see the villages, talk to the people and taste local foods and drinks. They showed us their uses and customs and their history. They have always been available and careful taking care of every detail, always stand next to us and helping us to realize our desires. Also their collaborators, the mechanic Ashok and the driver Rajesh, have always been kind and professional. The motorbike is a fantast

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What a trip! I had been liaising with Raj since 2019 but unfortunately due to covid our 2020 trip was cancelled. After a lot of communication, mainly me being indecisive about where we wanted to go... Raj put a package together to suit my requests. Communication prior to the trip was fantastic and instantly put me at ease. We met Raj and felt like I knew him already after my years of emails! I cannot fault any part of the trip. We had our driver Preveen and mechanic Aakash alongside Raj heading up our trip. What a group of people. I didn't want to leave them after 2 weeks of being together! We saw real India! Rajasthan was everything I imagined and exceeded expectations. Temples, Forts, desert, everything you could every want in a motorcycle trip. Raj gave insight to local food which was exactly what I wanted. I fell in love with my Royal Enfield 500 and constantly look back at the 1800 photos that were taken! Sorting annual leave our and saving some money and will be booking to come back to explore another part of India. Thank you Raj and team for making it the trip it was!

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Ms. Kriss Nash

We have been on lots of adventures via motorbike over the years but this tops them all! Raj, Akash and Parveen were brilliant. Took us to places you wouldn't find on a map! We were invited in to peoples homes for food, we explored some amazing forts, palaces and temples. We were invited to dance on the roof of a Fort with our new found "family" and saw some breathtaking sights. I definitely arrived home a better rider as we rode desert sands, salt lake and dry riverbeds - Oh, and if you can ride in Delhi, you can ride anywhere :) Fantastic company, food, adventure - what more do you want? Just arranging my holidays for next year - Himalayas here we come!

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Thank you for visiting and belief in our journey called Brahmand Tour
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Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh
Leh Ladakh
Leh Ladakh
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