Andaman Nicobar Tour


Chennai - Havelock - Port Blair - Chennai

Tour Key Points

  • Enjoy the ferry ride from Portblair to Havelock (vise/versa)
  • Few evenings in the quiet sea shores for unwind
  • Can do water sports
  • Reviews
  • Value for money
  • Accommodation & facilities
  • Food
  • Location
  • Quality of activity

Andaman Nicobar Tour

The best Andaman Nicobar tour is simply a click away. With 9 nights and 10 days, come back on over to induce a very distinctive expertise of Andamans. As such, despite what proportion time you’ll pay in Andamans, the holiday can appear too short. However this package comes highest to satiating your needs of a beach vacation of a period. Imagine 9 wizard sunrises and sunsets to fill your days.

Associate array of fantastic beaches lined up one once another, anticipating you to return and explore. Such a lot of adventure-filled activities waiting for you to try them. If you're visiting Andaman and need nothing however the simplest, this package offers the simplest attractions at the simplest attainable price! Have a glance.

  • Itinerary
  • Include / Exclude
  1. Day 01 CHENNAI

    Arrival at Chennai (the new name of Madras), welcomes at the airport and transfers to the hotel. Time and disposition for rest or for an exploration of the city.


    Transfer to the airport and flight to Port Blair, the capital and the only city worthy of the name of the distant Andeman whose name has mythological origins deriving in fact from the monkey god of Hinduism Hanuman. And this is the easternmost outpost of India, a 475-kilometer net that includes over 300 islands located in the Gulf of Bengal between India and Mayanmar, covered with dense lush vegetation and surrounded by the classic postcard sea. Only 36 are inhabited - the rest is a large marine park - but most of the islands are inaccessible to travelers and host tribal populations from cobblestones lived in isolation, anchored to their traditions and customs: various the nooses of the aboriginal groups, including Sentinel and I Jarawa are distinguished by particular aggressiveness and resistance to any attempt at sternal infiltration; on the contrary, a zither cordiality and openness towards the colonizers proved to be the ruin of the Andamans, decimated by an epidemic of mobile and flu and currently represented by less than 30 survivors. Although little information has been received on the history of the Andamans, it seems that one of the first Westerners to set foot here was our Marco Polo, followed much further by the British, who landed in 1796 and initially received an unfriendly way. They had greater fortune in 1858 and shortly thereafter the islands became a penal colonial for the export of unfortunates from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Burma.

    Guided tour of Port Blair which boasts a marine museum, a small but interesting anthropological museum, an aquarium and the national monument "cellular jail", a prison symbol of the struggles for the independence of India which, completed in 1906, owes its name to the construction of separate cells in which, in terrible conditions to say the least, the rioters were locked up. In the afternoon transfer to the port from where ferries leave for Havelock.

  3. Day 03 to 08 HAVELOCK

    Days available to spend in total relaxation or between sunbathing, calm walks and the many bathing activities: swimming, snorkeling, perca diving in a dream setting, an infinite number of islets, bays and lagoons, intertwining mangroves, beaches of white sand, the immense expanse of the ocean, warm and transparent waters with infinite shades of turquoise, coral reefs and bottoms and an underwater world to be discovered made of fish of all shapes, sizes and colors, turtles, dolphins.

    In addition to the sea, also the rainforest with the possibility of trekking birdwatching (over 250 species of birds flying in the Andaman sky), excursions, a real wild and amazing paradise of pure lies, a place suspended in time and nto the space that reveals its treasures and that knows how to appreciate its simplicity and the very particular atmosphere. Some warnings to protect the environment: maximum attention not to damage living organisms even with the most delicate touch or with the waves raised by the fins, never abandon waste, it is strictly forbidden to collect and buy corals and shells.


    After having breakfast, return to the boat and Port Blair, hotel accommodation and time and arrangement.


    Breakfast and transfer to the airport in time for the flight to Chennai and then connecting flight for onward destination.

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