Lamdal Lake Trek


Dharamshala - Kareri Lake – Lamdal Lake - Kareri Lake

Tour Key Points

  • Covering highest motor-able passes
  • Buddhist culture
  • Coldest Desert at Hunder
  • World's highest salted Lake Pangong
  • Visit Floating market in Srinagar
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  • Value for money
  • Accommodation & facilities
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A pilgrimage to seven holy lakes. It's one of the Dhauladhar range's most scenic treks. It is located below the Minkiani peak, in the heart of a cradle-shaped valley. This is accessible through Kareri village and Salli village - noted for its great range of flora and wildlife – and is a treat for trekkers both in summer and monsoon.

The walk takes you through alpine meadows, moraine ridges, glacier basins, pine forests, and ancient settlements, providing amazing valley views and an opportunity to learn about the delightful slow-paced local lifestyle. On the route to Lamdal Lake, a most scenic and largest lake, there are six sacred lakes.

The Minkiani Pass walk path allows visitors to appreciate the hypnotic beauty of numerous streams, verdant landscapes, dense jungles, and a rich flora and fauna culture, as well as take home some unforgettable memories from a fantastic trekking adventure. The splendour of this lake exceeds that of Chandratal and Brighu lakes.

  • Itinerary
  • Include / Exclude
  1. Day 01 30 km drive from Dharamshala - Kareri village and 10 Kms Trek from Kareri Village - Kareri Lake

    By 8 a.m., arrive in Dharamshala. To get to Kareri village, take a taxi from Dharamshala (approx2 hrs). We will begin our hike to Kareri Lake early in the morning, around 10 a.m., from Kareri village. You'll be wandering through oak, rhododendron, and pine forests. The journey begins on level ground, but soon ascends steeply to the Kareri Nyund Stream, where you will be trekking beside it. Wooden bridges will be used to cross the rivulet on several occasions. You will be able to view the glacial lake clearly and with azure blue water once you reach the base of the Minkiani Pass. Tents were set up along the lake's edge for the night.

  2. Day 02 Kareri Lake(9626 ft) - Minkiani Pass(13230 ft) - Lamdal Lake(12990 ft) - 5 - 6 Hrs

    The Minkiani Pass Trek's most difficult leg begins at this point, carrying you to the summit of Minkiani Pass at a height of roughly 13230 feet. The area is totally stony and devoid of any flora. On all sides, snow-capped mountains loom. We pass through various lakes, springs, and streams until arriving at Kali Kund, a little nearby lake to Lam Dal that is as beautiful. We climb around a boulder for ten minutes before seeing the clear waters of Lam Dal. Lam Dal, one of the holiest of Dhauladhar Lakes, is believed to be one of Shiva's abodes, and resident’s journey barefoot from Minkiani Got during Shiv Ratri.

  3. Day 03 Lamdal Lake to Kareri Lake (8 km) - 5 - 6 Hrs

    The morning comes with a thick blanket of grey mist that blankets everything in its path. As if trapped in a misty wonderland, we can only see a hundred metres in any direction. We can hear lambs bleating and dogs barking, but we can't see anything. We get up early and make our way to the start of the stone steps leading up to Minkiani Pass. The trail is steep but straight, and we quickly establish a solid pace. To our right, snowy slopes rise. The wind is cold, and the fog keeps us suspended in mid-air. We return to Minkiani Pass and arrive at Kareri Lake.

  4. Day 04 Kareri Lake to Kareri Village (10 km) - 5 - 6 Hrs

    You will be travelling beside a rushing river as you begin your tour from Kareri Lake. As you descend in altitude, the lush vegetation will return, along with tall deodar and pine trees. After arriving in Kareri hamlet, get in a Jeep and head to McLeodganj, where the Minkiani Pass and Kareri Lake Trek comes to an end.

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