Motorcycle Tours

Passionate riders who never get tired of riding their motorbikes and love to travel different destinations will find plenty of Motorcycle Tours to choose from here. Come to explore these high terrain riding experiences and offbeat destinations with us.

Motorcycle Tours are the tours which involve travel with motorcycles (with luggage carrying capacity) and well equipped techniques as per the terrain variety. These tours can be done with proper route planning, finding fuel & food in remote areas, bike spare parts and overnight stopovers etc. We always prefer to give you authentic experiences of the local culture & traditions, wherever possible along with paramount importance to the safety & security of clients. With us you will enjoy the journey as never before.

India is a land with vast diversity whether it’s by tradition, living standards, food style, heritage culture, climatically changes and many more. India is a country with amalgamation of several cultures & religions. Just like it also have high terrains and low terrains for riders with many offbeat destinations to explore.

Mentioned Motorcycle itineraries allow for average riding hours approximately between 05 to 06 hours per day. Blessing of these motorbike tours is that you will be automatically mixed with a lot of people who share the same interests and you might make some new friends forever. Group Motorbike tours, whether solo motorbike tours, you always enjoy the advantage of seeing things from your original perspective, not from the perspective of tour guides. By doing the amazing motorbike tours you are free to stop the bike as and when required and give a break for photography, or want to take a look around the valley/landscape. Motorcycle tours offer you a unique way of touring and create valuable changes in your life. Motorcycle tours will give you a chance to feel rejuvenated by the mountain wind flows and awe-inspiring beauty of snow covered mountains and open valleys of Himalayas which provide you peace of mind. Apart from Mountain Motorcycle Tours, Rajasthan Motorcycle Tours will give you a chance to explore the rich heritage culture of the state with visiting legendary forts & palaces, staying on the sand dunes, experiencing camel safaris.

We have many different routes in various cities in India that you can enjoy with your friends and family members. Following are the major riding routes:

  • Srinagar – Leh Ladakh
  • Leh Ladakh – Manali
  • Kinnaur – Spiti Valley
  • Sach Pass
  • Rajasthan
  • Uttrakhand
  • Bhutan

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