Chitwan Safari


Kathmandu – Chitwan – Kathamnadu

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  • Best place to ascertain the wildlife of Himalayas region
  • Wildlife photography
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Chitwan Safari

While Kingdom of Nepal is understood as a rustic of hills and mountains, several guests are pleasantly shocked by the wonder of the Terai, the lowlands bordering Asian nation. The Chitwan Park may be a jewel on the Terai.

It’s run a awfully winning one-horned rhino breeding program, and guests on campaign are nearly bound to spot one in all the spectacular animals, moreover as alternative life. This tour provides you time to completely explore the highlights of Chitwan, whereas staying in some luxurious--as well as unique--accommodation.

  • Itinerary
  • Include / Exclude
  1. Day 01 KATHMANDU / CHITWAN (120 km, about 5 hours)

    Transfer by land from Kathmandu to Chitwan ideal place to experience exciting incurvations in the guingla of the royal National Park, discovering its wonders by jeep and on elephant back. We are in the terai, in the rapti valley, on the edge of the Ganges plain, an area of Hindu pilgrimages and remote villages: here is the first and most impressive national park in Nepal, rich in flora and fauna, commissioned in 1962 by the king Mahendra as a hunting reserve for the local and British nobility. Buffaloes, rhinos, crocodiles, leopards, Himalayans, deer, fallow deer, wild boars, jackals, snakes and an infinite number of folatile reign in the park, without forgetting the tiger, shy, solitary, and magnetic, which if possible you can see with a good dose of luck. About 40 specimens live here, a fifth of the country's global presences. Also noteworthy are animals of rare species, such as the gharial, a crocodile that eats only fish. The park, one of the largest Nepalese forest areas, occupies an area of about 932 sq km: swaying from the top of a pachyderm among the compact grass, maintaining a perfect silence to try to identify the traces of animals without frightening them, it is really a perantesi unusual and unforgettable.

  2. Day 02 CHITWAN

    An entire day dedicated to activities in the guingla: bird watching, safaris, walking and jeep parks under the guidance of naturalistic experts who guide you to observe the animally. For nature lovers, immersing you in the greenery, enjoying the sounds of the forest, absorbing its smells, is an interesting, unusual experience full of little surprises that completes the visit of the kingdom of a thousand temples.


    Breakfast. Return to Kathmandu.

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